Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimisation

Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimisation

Efficiency within the realm of wastewater treatment is becoming more and more important throughout many industries. Through improving efficiency in wastewater treatment, the benefits to be had can include:

  • Reduced chemical consumption;
  • Reduced energy usage;
  • Reduced equipment maintenance costs;
  • Improved plant performance;
  • Cost-efficient wastewater treatment;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Reduction of environmental footprint; and
  • Cost savings.

Wastewater treatment can be improved through the optimisation, reconfiguration, improved management and addition of resource saving and efficient technologies.

A review of wastewater treatment plant operation, configuration, monitoring logs, chemical input and hydraulic retention time, can all be key indicators of its current state. Through reviewing each of these aspects, a determination can be made as to how efficient a wastewater treatment plant is operating and where there is potential for improvements and saving to be made.

Following a review of these aspects, AVRIO can propose optimisation changes or additions to operational processes and run trials thereafter on such processes to help reap the benefits detailed above.

AVRIO have a wealth of experience in wastewater treatment plant optimisation, having helped with the management and improvement of numerous treatment plants throughout various industries. Contact us for more information.