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Waste Management Plans

Waste Management Plans

Waste Management Plans (WMP) are prepared to ensure that the management of waste during the construction or operational phases of a facility is undertaken in accordance with current legal and industry standards. Overall a waste management plan aims to provide a robust strategy for storing, handling, collection and transport of wastes generated from a facility.

WMP’s aim to ensure maximum recycling, reuse, and recovery of waste with diversion from landfill, wherever possible. They also provide guidance on the appropriate collection and transport of waste to prevent issues arising from litter nuisance or more serious environmental pollution.

Within a WMP, an estimation would be provided of the type and quantity of waste to be generated from a proposed development or facility during the construction or operational phases. WMP’s provide a strategy for managing different waste streams effectively while helping reduce costs and improve the environmental performance of a construction project or facilities activity.

Within Ireland, planning authorities are empowered to attach conditions to construction and demolition waste management, including the preparation of a Waste Management Plans (WMP) for projects over certain thresholds.

Within Northern Ireland, there is no requirement to have a waste management plan for a construction project. However, following the procedure would help to reduce the volumes of waste produced through a project and will help organisations manage waste streams more effectively. WMPs are being promoted as an example of best practice in the construction industry.

AVRIO has developed a number of waste management plans for both the construction and operational phases of many different facilities. If your facility or project requires a WMP for the construction or operational phase, contact us, and we can develop a plan to meet your specific requirements.