Compliance Reporting

Emissions Monitoring Reports

Emissions Monitoring Reports (EMR)

EPA licenced facilities generally contain conditions within their licence that outline what emissions are required to be monitored and the frequency with which they should be monitored. The frequency with which they require to be monitored can vary from being weekly, monthly or every two months, for example.

An example of this would be that a granted facility licence may outline that monitoring of emissions to water are required on a weekly basis, and a report on the results of this monitoring shall be submitted to the agency on a monthly basis.

This report to be submitted to the agency is required to contain all relevant emission monitoring carried out as stated in the licence. This report should outline the results of all monitoring carried out, and in the case of chemical analysis accompanying certificates of analysis should be provided to confirm the results obtained are valid.

AVRIO has carried out emission monitoring reports for a number of clients over the years. We can develop a reporting template to suit your reporting requirements. We will look after the review, collation, and submission of all relevant information. AVRIO carry out this process in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner to ensure you remain in compliance.