Waste Collection Permitting

Waste Collection Permitting

AVRIO have conducted a number of Waste Collection Permit applications in the Republic of Ireland this year, most recently for clients based in Donegal, Monaghan, Cavan, Louth and Roscommon, respectively.

Under the Waste Management (Collection Permit) Regulations 2007 and Waste Management (Collection Permit) (Amendment) Regulations 2008, those wishing to undertake waste collection activities in the Republic of Ireland must first obtain a waste collection permit. This requirement applies to individuals, companies, and partnerships.

Waste collection permits are applied for and issued by the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO), which is hosted by Offaly County Council. The NWCPO also administers other aspects of existing permits, however, each local authority is responsible for the enforcement of the waste collection permit system within their individual local authority area. Each waste collection permit has a maximum duration of five years.

The main purpose of the waste collection permit system is to ensure that waste collectors are known to regulatory bodies and that they only handle wastes that they are authorised to manage.

AVRIO has recently completed new and review waste collection permit applications for numerous waste collectors proposing to collect a wide variety of waste materials. Some of these waste materials included household waste, soil and stone waste, End-of-life vehicles, among many more. AVRIO’s extensive experience in ensuring compliance with Waste Collection Permitting regulations allowed for the completion of all applications in the fastest timeframe possible with all the necessary approvals achieved.

AVRIO conducted all tasks necessary to complete each application, including all application forms and accompanying information, Waste Collection Procedures, Waste Collection Model, as and when required.

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