waste water


Efficiency within the realm of wastewater production is becoming more and more important throughout all industries. Most industrial processes generate wastewater of which needs to be treated to a sufficient standard to minimise pollution, resulting in sizeable costs. Therefore, the ability to reduce the quantity of wastewater requiring treatment can have huge benefits.

The benefits of reducing the quantity of wastewater requiring treatment includes:

  • Minimisation of water consumption by reusing treated wastewater;
  • Reduced chemical consumption;
  • Reduced equipment maintenance costs;
  • Reduced energy usage;
  • Cost-efficient production;
  • Reduction of environmental footprint.

In order to reduce the volume of wastewater being produced a review of the upstream processes must be carried out. An audit of upstream processes can help identify areas throughout a facility where water is potentially being overused and how best to optimise this use.

Through improving efficiency in wastewater generation, the benefits to be had can include:

  • Improved wastewater treatment plant performance;
  • Improved regulatory compliance;
  • Cost savings.

AVRIO have a wealth of experience in wastewater management having undertaken and subsequently helped with improving the resource efficiency of numerous wastewater streams throughout many facilities.

Furthermore, significant savings can be achieved through optimisation of wastewater treatment processes as a whole. Wastewater treatment can be improved through the optimisation, reconfiguration, and improved management of the wastewater treatment operations.

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