Invasive Species Survey & Management Plan

Invasive Species Survey & Management Plan

AVRIO was recently appointed by a client to undertake an Invasive Species Survey and subsequently develop an Invasive Species Management Plan (ISMP) for a parkland site in the Belfast area. Japanese Knotweed was believed to be present within the parkland, and as such, the correct identification and future management were of utmost importance.

The aims of the invasive species survey were:

  • To establish whether invasive species are present on the site; and
  • To establish the extent of the invasive species on-site;

The invasive species survey identified Japanese Knotweed at two locations within the parkland. Location 1 contained Japanese Knotweed stands along a surface water drain embankment, while location 2 contained Japanese Knotweed stands adjacent to a pedestrian walkway amongst an area of shrub.

Invasive Species Surveys & Management

Location 1 containing Japanese Knotweed

Invasive Species Surveys & Management

Location 2 containing Japanese Knotweed

Following completion of the survey, AVRIO produced an Invasive Species Management Plan (ISMP) outlining the most suitable methods for managing the plant to prevent any potential further spread. The establishment and implementation of biosecurity and mitigation measures along with in-situ herbicide treatment were deemed the most appropriate management method considering the site’s location and use.

The project was completed on time and within budget, and all parties involved were satisfied with the outcome. The Japanese Knotweed stands identified on-site will now be managed in line with the management plan until such time as the plan’s objectives have been met.

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