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Wastewater Treatment Plant Management​

Wastewater Treatment Plant Management

Wastewater Treatment Plant Management is more important now than ever to ensure environmental compliance and that water as one of our most important resources is no longer degraded.

Whether you own, operate, or manage a municipal or industrial facility that produces wastewater, it is important to understand how significant of a role wastewater treatment can play in the overall health of a business and the surrounding environment.

Wastewater treatment, operation and maintenance is a complex process – one that is essential for the successful treatment of wastewater before it is discharged into the environment.

There are multiple ways to treat wastewater with some systems providing more effective treatment than others. The more effective the treatment process, the more potential there is for re-use of this treated wastewater and the lower the impact will be on the receiving environment.

AVRIO is an environmental management company focused on sustainable, energy efficient water and wastewater treatment. Our team consists of trained professionals with extensive experience in the design and management of wastewater treatment systems in both the industrial and municipal sectors.

AVRIO can carry out a review and analysis of existing on-site operations, raw wastewater streams, wastewater constituents and wastewater volumes. This provides us with a baseline knowledge of how a facility is currently operating and allows us to identify potential areas for improvement.

Following a review, AVRIO can propose operational changes to provide sufficient wastewater treatment, ensuring compliance with licence parameters while further making optimisational adjustments to minimise resource consumption, chemical consumption, and reduce overall wastewater treatment plants costings.

AVRIO offer ongoing wastewater treatment plant management services to ensure a facility remains in continued environmental compliance with all relevant emission limit values associated with such facilities.

As part of continuous management or one-off service offerings, AVRIO can offer additional services such as:

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Manual Preparation
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Training
  • Chemical Suppliers
  • Technology Suppliers