What is Resource Efficiency?

Resource efficiency means using the Earth’s limited resources in a sustainable manner. We depend on natural resources like metals, minerals, fuels, water, land, timber, fertile soil, clean air, and biodiversity for our survival. They all constitute vital inputs that keep our economy functioning. Increasing resource efficiency brings significant economic opportunities, drives down costs and boosts competitiveness. Resource efficiency helps stimulate technological innovation, boost employment, open up new export markets and benefit consumers through more sustainable products. Currently, the supply of resources is limited, and our natural resource base is being eroded. Growing global demand is adding to the pressure on the environment, and competition for many resources is increasing. Many natural resources are fundamental to our health, well-being, and quality of life, so we must respect the natural limits of the planet.

Resource Efficiency at AVRIO

AVRIO’s Resource Efficiency team specialises in the following areas:
• Water:
Minimisation, Treatment, Recovery, Harvesting
• Wastewater:
Minimisation, Treatment, Recovery, Reuse
• Waste:
Minimisation, Treatment, Sustainable Recovery, Reuse
• Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimisation:
Energy, Chemical, Biological Systems, Technologies
• By-products:
Minimisation, Recovery, Reuse

Additional services:
• Technology Procurement & Cost-Benefit Analysis
• Technology Development, Validation, Application & Commissioning Processes
• Lean, Green & Best Practice Principles

Recent Case Studies