A by-product is a substance or object, resulting from a production process, the primary aim of which is not the production of that item. By-products can come from a wide range of business sectors and can have very different environmental impacts. By-products from most industries become a waste if they are not recovered, and therefore carrying out recovery is an efficient method of waste reduction.

The main benefits of the recovery of by-products include:

  • Cost benefits
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Lower resource use

The material producer or economic operator must, in the first instance, decide on whether or not a particular substance or object is a by-product. In doing so, the material producer or economic operator needs to consider the following in relation to their material:

  • Has the substance or object been discarded, or is it required to be discarded, or intended to be discarded;
  • Was this substance or object intentionally and deliberately produced for a specific use; and
  • Is the substance or object produced as a secondary consequence of the production process.

Distinguishing between the above in detail will determine whether the substance or object is a by-product or waste. Determining this will have a significant impact on projects or a facilities waste management costs, overall carbon footprint and the resource use of such thereafter.

AVRIO has a team of environmental consultants with extensive experience in the assessment and classification of by-products and wastes. We can advise on potential opportunities and savings for any project or potential waste stream to maximise efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and ensure cost savings.