Upper Lough Erne Spa/Sac

Upper Lough Erne SPA SAC

upper lough erne spa sac

Upper Lough Erne is a Natura2000 site and has Special Protected Area (SPA) and Special Area of Conservation (SAC) status. Special Protected Area sites are designated under the Birds Directive, and Special Area of Conservation sites are designated under the Habitats Directive.

The area for Upper Lough Erne measures 5787 hectares. The area has been selected as a Natura2000 site as a result of features such as open waters of the main lough and smaller loughs feature a variety of aquatic communities typical of natural eutrophic (nutrient rich) lakes, with shallow sheltered shores supporting extensive swamp, fen and marsh communities.

Upper Lough Erne is designated as an SAC area as it contains Alderwood on floodplains, a European priority interest; and otters, naturally nutrient rich lakes and western acidic oak woodland, which are European interests. Conservation objectives for this site include maintaining and enhancing interests where appropriate, and maintaining and expanding, if possible, wildlife populations.

Upper Lough Erne is designated as an SPA area as it contains Whooper Swans. Conservation objectives for this area include: maintaining or enhancing population of species, maintaining or enhancing the range of habitats utilised by species, maintaining the integrity of the site, ensuring there is no significant disturbance of the species, ensuring the population of the species as a viable component of the site, ensuring distribution of the species within the site, ensuring distribution and extent of habitats supporting the species, and ensuring the structure, function and supporting process of habitats supporting the species.

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Sources: Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

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