Waste Management Model

Waste Management Model

AVRIO were appointed by an established waste management company to develop a comprehensive waste management model for their business and its operations. This waste management model was requested by the relevant government bodies for submission alongside a review permit/license application to future proof their business. The model was required to provide the relevant government bodies with adequate detail on the companies proposed business model and how they will sustainably innovate and operate their business into the future.

AVRIO liaised with the relevant government bodies directly to determine their requirements and develop the model, thereafter, based on specific environmental and sustainable practices. The model detailed all relevant business activities, including but not limited to:

  • Details of the relevant waste management regulations and guidance;
  • Proposed operating business model to include:
  • Procedures and methodologies for waste collection, storage and transfer;
  • Procedures and methodologies for bulking up waste prior to movement and final disposal;
  • Details on the holding, storage and bulking up facilities;
  • Details on the capacity of all waste collection vehicles and storage equipment;
  • Details of the disposal/recovery activities;
  • Standard operating procedures for all activities including: environmental training, emergency response and preventative maintenance.
  • A company specific environmental and sustainability statement.

On completion, the waste management model was submitted to the relevant government bodies for review. These bodies confirmed the model contained extensive detail and provided them with a clear comprehension as to how the company would operate their business in an environmental and sustainable manner into the future.

The project was delivered on time and within budget with all relevant parties satisfied.