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Nutrient Management Plans

Nutrient Management Plans

A Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) is prepared in order to determine the suitability of organic by-products as a fertiliser and to determine the receiving capacity of existing landbanks, thereby protecting soil and water resources.

If excessive fertiliser or organic manures are applied, a nutrient surplus will be available for transport to water. Organic nutrients can be transported to surface and ground waters quickly and will eventually be converted to inorganic forms causing pollution of aquatic environments.

The benefit of nutrient management plans are:

  • That an assessment of the nutrient requirements of different crops is undertaken prior to the application of fertilisers;
  • That nutrient requirements and needs are seen in the context of the capacity of the crops to utilise those nutrients and the land to absorb any excess, such as in relation to soil type, slope or proximity to
  • water courses;
  • Identify remedial actions to address excess nutrients and thus support implementation and targeting of activities on farms/landholdings;
  • They allow the relevant authorities to review the approaches being taken and ensure that nutrient levels are not exceeded.

AVRIO has completed numerous Nutrient Management Plans for clients within the food and beverage sector as well as various other private clients. AVRIO consultants can provide soil analysis and plans to meet the requirements of relevant regulatory bodies.