Sustainable fashion week

Sustainable Fashion Week 2021

sustainable fashion week

This week (Saturday 11 September – Sunday 19 September) is Sustainable Fashion Week 2021.

Fast fashion can have a detrimental impact on our planet today by exploiting our natural resources and polluting our environment. Sustainable Fashion Week 2021 is the first fashion week of its kind, the event hopes to promote sustainable fashion brands and encourage more conscious consumerism.

The themes of this years’ Sustainable Fashion Week are regenerate, rewear, repurpose and reconnect.

Core objectives of Sustainable Fashion week:

  1. Share information about the environmental and social issues faced by the fashion industry
  2. Increase awareness of sustainable alternatives to buying fast fashion and buying more than we need
  3. Inspire a diverse range of people to be part of the sustainable fashion movement
  4. Prompt action by individuals towards more sustainable behaviour in relation to fashion
  5. Help empower people to use their influence to move the fashion industry towards a more sustainable model
  6. To gather information on barriers to participation and to measure our impact on the ground

Studies show we have until 2030 to reduce carbon emissions by 50% to prevent runaway climate change. The fashion industry currently has a significant impact on the environment and global communities. The fashion industry must undergo serious change to meet the UN 2030 reduction targets. 

Find out more about Sustainable Fashion Week here.

sustainable fashion week
sustainable fashion week
sustainable fashion week
sustainable fashion week
sustainable fashion week

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