Slieve Beagh SPA/SAC

Slieve Beagh SPA SAC

Slieve Beagh SPA SAC

Slieve Beagh or Sliabh Beagh is Natura2000 site and has been designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Area (SPA). Special Protected Area sites are designated under the Birds Directive, and Special Area of Conservation sites are designated under the Habitats Directive. EU Member States have a responsibility under these directives to ensure habitats and species of Community Interest are maintained or restored to Favourable Conservation Status (FCS).

Slieve Beagh is a mountainous area located along the border between County Monaghan, County Fermanagh and County Tyrone, the altitude of the area is between 200-350M and the summit peaks at a height of 380M.

The SAC area measures 1900 hectares. The SPA area measures 8936.11 hectares, comprising an area of land extending between Slatbeg and Coolnasillagh, the Slieve Beagh massif, Mullaghfad Forest and Lisnaskea Forest.

Slieve Beagh has been designated as an SAC site as it contains features such as active blanket bog, natural dystrophic lakes and pools and European dry heaths. Conservation objectives include maintaining the extent of intact blanket bog, restoring vegetation, maintaining habitats and species populations within the blanket bog; maintaining the open water area, and nutrient status of the lakes and ponds; and, maintaining and enhancing the extent of European dry heath, and European dry heath community types, and maintaining diversity and quality of other habitats of conservation interest.

Slieve Beagh was designated as an SPA due to the presence of Hen Harrier nesting areas. Conservation objectives for this area include maintaining or enhancing the population of species, maintaining or enhancing the range of habitats utilised by species, maintaining the integrity of the site, ensuring there is no significant disturbance of the species; and ensuring the population of the species as a viable component of the site, distribution of the species within the site, distribution and extent of habitats supporting the species, and the structure, function and supporting process of habitats supporting the species.

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