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Environmentally Friendly Christmas
Environmentally friendly Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, with all the excitement that comes with the Christmas rush its very easy to forget things. From all the excess packaging that comes with buying gifts, preparing Christmas dinner, putting up decorations and writing your Christmas cards (and your letter to Santa) you may not remember to think about the environment and your usual habits.

Here are our top tips for a more environmentally friendly Christmas:

Christmas Trees

You can rent a real Christmas tree and send it back to be replanted after the festive period. Alternatively, you can grow your own Christmas tree; or recycle your Christmas tree into chippings for local parks and woodland areas or add it to the green waste at your local skip. If you have an artificial tree, keep it for as long as possible.

Gift Wrapping

Choose recycled wrapping paper when wrapping. Recycle used wrapping paper where possible, some wrapping paper cannot be recycled due to glitter or plastic content. Instead of wrapping paper, you could make use of reusable gift bags. For a more sustainable option, you could wrap presents in fabric or make use of old newspaper, brown paper or paper bags.

Christmas Cards

You can choose Christmas cards made from recycled content, or you could opt for plantable Christmas cards, which will produce a surprise plant.  Recycle Christmas cards where possible, or upcycle old Christmas cards into decorations, gift tags or unique, bespoke cards.


When shopping, buy local produce to help reduce food miles and keep your carbon footprint low; you could also buy loose fruit and vegetables to ensure you only get as much as you need and avoid waste as well as single use plastic packaging. Bring your own bags when shopping to avoid buying single use plastic carrier bags. Meal plan in advance to avoid buying excess food; prepare your meals in advance and save leftovers to help save time and money, and prevent waste.

Christmas Lights

For your Christmas lights, use LED lights instead of incandescent lights, LED lights release less carbon emissions than incandescent lights and use 80% less energy, helping you save both money and the planet. Switching to solar powered lighting outside will also help you reduce your environmental impact as well as your energy bills.

Christmas Decorations

Make your own Christmas decorations or upcycle old decorations, cards and other items to have bespoke decorations that don’t harm the environment. Reuse your old decorations and avoid buying disposable decorations that won’t last. Choose more durable decorations made from sustainable materials when buying new ones.

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