Climate Change Impact

Climate Change Impact

climate change impact

We have already seen the impacts of climate change on our planet. From global warming and rising sea levels to changing rainfall patterns, climate change is devastating our planet. We now need to take action to repair the damage that has already been done and prevent any further damage.

Global warming and its effects have seen the risks of extreme weather such as flooding, droughts, and heatwaves increase and result in more devastating impacts such as wildfires. Climate change also impacts crop growth, wildlife populations, human health and may destroy habitats, including human homes. The level of climate change we see will vary depending on how quickly greenhouse gas emissions are cut. While some of the effects we’ve already seen are irreversible, the faster we reduce emissions, the less effects we will see.

The effects of climate change that we have experienced so far have seen heatwaves become the deadliest global health hazard, and sea levels rise due to heat generated by human influence as well as water arising from melting ice sheets and glaciers. It is projected that the UK and Ireland will experience warmer and wetter winters, hotter and drier summers, and more frequent and intense weather extremes. Other impacts of climate change will result in the damage of property and infrastructure and potentially more and more animals becoming endangered and extinct.

Sources: Met Office, European Commission, NASA, WWF.

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