autumn - the cooling off season

Autumn - The Cooling Off Season


Tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd September 2021, marks the first day of autumn. The ‘cooling off’ season sees animals such as squirrels, hedgehogs, mice, frogs and bats prepare to hibernate to survive the winter; and involves animals gathering food and building habitats.

You can help these animals survive the winter by:

🍂 Leaving food (mixed seeds and nuts) and fresh water out for animals

🍂 Check for hedgehogs, frogs and mice before lighting bonfires or clearing piles of leaves

🍂 Build a hedgehog house

Did you know climate change is affecting seasonal patterns which is having an impact on wildlife behaviour. Results of this include bird migratory patterns changing, earlier leaf-out of flowering plants, and tree leaves changing earlier.


Sources: Trends in Technology and Evolution, The Guardian, One Green Planet

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