Invasive Species Survey of Glenbank Wood, Belfast

Invasive Species Survey of Glenbank Wood, Belfast

Project: Invasive Species Survey of Glenbank Wood

Services Provided: AVRIO was engaged by the client to provide services consisting of carrying out an invasive species survey, including the reporting on the distribution and volume of scheduled and non-scheduled invasive plant species located in the Glenbank Wood Area and development of a detailed management plan for invasive species located on site. The services AVRIO provided included the following:

  • Pre-data searches of all available databases and communication with relevant bodies for existing information on the ecology of Glenbank Wood;
  • Conducting field surveys of the site within the Glenbank Wood area. The survey identified Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam which are listed under Schedule 9 of the Wildlife Order (1985), in addition, three invasive species which are not scheduled under legislation in Northern Ireland, these species included Snowberry, Buddleia and Himalayan Honeysuckle 
  • Coalition of all data collected from fieldwork within a GIS database and the generation of maps to illustrate the extent of both scheduled and non-scheduled invasive species within the Glenbank Wood area;


The main objective of the Invasive Species Management Plan was to outline and communicate the best method of control of invasive species specific to this site and manage the works to ensure they were carried out to the specification outlined in the management plan. The preparation of a final report and management plan included the following:

  • Overview of relevant legislation;
  • Survey methodology & findings;
  • Geospatial maps of the surveyed area showing extent and location of Invasive species noted on site.
  • Management options of both Scheduled and non-scheduled species identified

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