Forest Felling Project, Co. Tyrone

Client: Fermanagh & Omagh District Council

Services Provided: AVRIO was engaged by the client to provide ecological and environmental services for the felling process of a forest located in Co. Tyrone. The services AVRIO provided included the following:

      • Undertaking pre-clearance surveys for Badger, Pine Marten & Red Squirrel and the development of survey reports;

      • The application to the NIEA for a derogation licence for the temporary closure of a number of outlier badger setts within 25m of the felling works;

      • The provision of Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) for the implementation of the terms of the badger derogation licence. AVRIO used one-way gates to temporarily close the setts. Monitoring of the closed setts using both sand and camera traps for an extended period to ensure badgers were successfully excluded from the setts;

      • The development of a Pollution Prevention Plan detailing measures to be implemented to protect water bodies and protected species within proximity of the forest; and

      • Reinstatement of temporarily closed sets following the completion of all works. 

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