Marina Development

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Marina Development

Marina Development | Co Galway

Project: Development of 8 Berth Marina, Moorings and Amenity area – Co. Galway

Client: Ward Piling/Waterways Ireland

Services Provided: AVRIO was engaged by the client to provide ecological services throughout the construction and development stage of this project. The services AVRIO have provided to date are:

  • Undertook a preconstruction Invasive Species survey to determine if invasive species were present at the development site;
  • Undertook preconstruction bat surveys of a number of buildings to be demolished and identified the presence of a maternity soprano pipistrelle roost with 196 bats and a transitional/occasional roost consisting of 2 soprano pipistrelle bats;
  • The completion of an application to the NPWS for a derogation licence to exclude and remove bats from both roosts, including ecological mitigation and enhancement recommendations;
  • General ECoW which consisted of:
    • A lamprey survey and removal of identified lamprey from dredged spoil material;
    • Implementation of construction pollution prevention measures;
    • The exclusion of bats from their roosts;
    • Pre demolition bat surveys;
    • The supervision of the destruction of excluded bat roosts in line with the licence requirements; and
    • Oversight of the demolition processes.

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