Moninea Bog SAC

Moninea Bog SAC

Moninea Bog - Special Area of Conservation

Moninea Bog SAC

Moninea bog is a Natura2000 site and has been designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). Special Areas of Conservation are designated under the Habitats Directive, based on the presence of habitat types and/or species which are rare or threatened within the European context.

Moninea bog is located in County Fermanagh, west of Upper Lough Erne, directly south-west of Teemore. The bog represents one of few remaining examples from the complex of small, raised bogs which could be found in hollows between the drumlins of South Ulster. The bog lies at an elevation of approximately 50M O.D. and is completely surrounded by a series of low drumlin hills which are surrounded by rivers.

The area was designated as an SAC due to the presence of active raised bog, a European Priority Interest, as well as degraded raised bog still capable of regeneration and depressions on peat substrates of the rhynchosporium. The SAC area measures 45 hectares. Peat deposits are deep and permanently waterlogged, the main feature of interest is a large intact dome supporting a good surface microtopography. Notable plant species have been recorded including Sphagnum fuscum, S. imbricatum and S. pulchrum.

Conservation objectives for this site include:
• Maintaining the extent of intact lowland raised bog and actively regenerating raised bog vegetation
• Maintaining and enhancing the quality of lowland raised bog community types, including the presence of notable species
• Expanding the extent of actively regenerating raised bog vegetation into degraded (non-active) areas of cutover bog
• Maintaining the diversity and quality of other habitats associated with the active raised bog
• Maintaining the hydrology of the raised bog peat mass

Source: Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

📷 Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

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