Wastewater Treatment Plant Management


Wastewater Treatment Plant Management

Wastewater Treatment Plant Management (Manual Development)

AVRIO were appointed by a large Industrial Emissions Licenced facility within the Food & Beverage sector to develop and implement wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) manuals for several of their facilities located throughout the U.K, Ireland and greater Europe.

The purpose of the development of these wastewater treatment plan manuals was to:

  • Ensure that the WWTP’s are operated to the highest possible standards;
  • Improve maintenance practices;
  • Ensure that assets provided are maintained;
  • Educate operators and equip them with the essential skills;
  • Provide operators with a knowledge of treatment standards, and
  • Create and awareness of the extent and uses of the equipment provided;
  • Ensure compliance with facility license ELV’s.

The operation of each WWTP differs based on their layout, capacity, wastewater characteristics and the equipment installed. Therefore, as part of this project AVRIO were required to carry out a review of the existing on-site operations at each facility WWTP.

Following this review, AVRIO developed site specific WWTP manuals that clearly described each stage of the treatment process. This included a detailed description of the primary, secondary and tertiary stages of treatment and identification of all necessary critical control points to ensure optimal performance will be maintained throughout each process.

On completion, AVRIO carried out training at each of the facilities to ensure all staff involved in WWTP operation, management, supervision and maintenance fully understood each aspect of the manual and were fully equipped to operate the plant and the technologies therein.

Several of these facilities have had routine inspections from the relevant governing bodies, in which the WWTP manuals were reviewed. All governing bodies were satisfied that the manuals fully described the treatment processes and all process controls to be implemented to ensure a high standard of operation into the future.