Surrender of Facility License


Surrender of Facility License

Surrender of Facility License

AVRIO were appointed by a Scottish Industrial Emission Licenced facility to carry out a surrender application for an authorisation following the cessation of activities at one of its facilities.

Upon application, AVRIO liaised with the relevant governing bodies directly to determine their requirements and make the application process as streamline as possible. The relevant bodies and AVRIO carried out a full site walkover in which the site was deemed to have been fully decommissioned. However, the relevant bodies requested a site assessment to be carried out to confirm the ground conditions at the site were of an acceptable criterion.

To fulfil these requirements, AVRIO were required to carry out a full investigation into the sites past operations and identify all potential sources of contamination. A full review of all products, chemicals, fuels and waste streams that arose at the facility during its operation was carried out, with all relevant hazardous substances identified. The identification of these relevant hazardous substances and their previous storage locations ensured that when carrying out a ground contamination investigation, it could be focused on the area’s that were deemed most at risk of contamination.

Site investigations comprising trial pit excavations were undertaken. A total of 6(no.) pits were excavated to a depth of approximately 3.0 metres below ground level. The pits were positioned to ensure adequate coverage of the entire area of interest.

Composite soil samples were collected from unconsolidated materials excavated from each pit, with representative shallow (0-1m) and deep (1-c.3m) samples collected from all pits. Samples were obtained using appropriate sampling techniques and in accordance with applicable standards.

The samples were submitted for analysis for a broad suite of parameters to check for the presence of gross contamination. In addition, a more comprehensive suite was used to cover all the relevant hazardous substances that were identified to have arose at the site. Following analysis, a full laboratory report was produced.

Accepted Industry best practice was used to assess the levels of contamination. This assessment was completed through applying standards which outline substances and their permissible values at which they can be permitted in soil. On review of the laboratory report, it was found that all measured concentrations were well within the applicable criteria.

A site assessment report was compiled by AVRIO, which detailed all findings from the ground investigations and subsequent soil analysis. This report was submitted to the relevant governing bodies along with the surrender application. On review of the report, the relevant bodies were satisfied that there was no evidence of gross contamination or the relevant hazardous substances from past operations. Given this, the surrender application was granted.

Overall, the project was completed in budget and on time. The client was very pleased with the service provided by AVRIO on this project and has requested our services on several projects since.