Protected Species Surveys


Protected Species Survey

Protected Species Surveys

Protected species surveys establish the likely presence or absence of a protected species on or adjacent to a proposed development site. Some species have been given special protection through wildlife legislation, as a result of their rarity or due to their population decline. The presence of such species can be a material consideration when Planning Authorities are determining applications for developments. Proper concern for these species and effective mitigation can help proposals increase their chance of securing consent. Early consideration of protected species in a project design process will avoid costly problems or delays at later stages.

AVRIO can complete protected species surveys required to support planning applications offering a wide range of protected species surveys including:

  • Bat surveys
  • Bird surveys
  • Otter surveys
  • Badger surveys
  • Smooth newt surveys
  • Pine marten surveys
  • Common lizard surveys
  • Red squirrel surveys

Our ecologists at AVRIO are all members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM), have extensive experience in protected species surveys and have carried out numerous such surveys throughout NI, the UK and the Republic of Ireland.